About Us

The Past

In 1999, in a small backyard garage of a chiropractic student, a unique portable table was built. At the request of friends and fellow chiropractic students, more tables were built which marked the beginning of Techniques Chiropractic Tables.

The Present

Today, known as Techniques Tables Ltd., we now manufacture and distribute products and supplies around the world. Our products range from stools and toggle boards, to stationary, pediatric and multi-use tables. All our tables are hand crafted in house, using high quality materials to ensure years of dependable service. We also have a wide selection of supplies and modalities in stock to choose from to supply your clinics daily needs.

The Future

The future holds many new and exciting things for Techniques Tables. From new treatment tables to larger supply and modality line up. Look for our new product line up in our Events section of our website.